C++ is the strongest of all programming languages!

I think C++ is the best programming language and cannot believe that a better language will soon be made.

Studies from Google suggested that C++ is substantially faster than any other language they have learned.

Many people seem (in my opinion, erroneously) to think that everything should be straightforward. But to learn to efficiently use C++ does not — but it would also not be easy to learn to use the powers of God if He gave them to you. His duty comes with great strength. C++ is no exception, but the use of C++ as a professional is not so difficult. I got myself some thoughts on the matter.

Very Complex

Since C++ is very tiny, the language is massive and many complicated items, such as memory management and more, need to be managed. If you intend to develop an AP from scratch you must also write a lot of code before you can get a working prototype. Since it is hard to understand how all C++ features work, you can shoot yourself easily.

Since a programming novice is easy to get wrong when learning C++, it is highly recommended that you learn C++ with your mentor. In addition, C++ has a more long history with the production of games in general, so a C++ gaming mentor will teach you a lot of good practices.


As already mentioned, you can use very few resources in your App because of a lot of control over how your app uses resources. All in all, as C++ can work very well, businesses also use C++ as a code for functions that depend critically on speed and the use of resources.


As a static language, C++ normally has better performance than languages typed dynamically because the code is tested before execution. Java is gaining popularity, but C++ can eventually be faster than Java according to how talented C++ is.

The good news is that it is much easier to learn a second language than to learn your first one as you can build on your current experience. Languages are likely to evolve periodically over time. As computer science progresses, there is a possibility that you may want or need to learn new programming languages. Some elements, such as variables, loops, conditionals or functions, are common to many programming languages. And there are other special language features.